Tyre Inflators


Hi all.

I am looking for a best buy in the range of Tyre Inflators,
either plug in cigar socket or with alligator clips.

Any experience out there, or let me know which to avoid.

Edward (ews)

hiya i brought a few

To my cost i brought those £3.99 ones in the past that run of ciggy plug - waste of money, inside they use a mixture of plastic and metal gearing - any one that knows about the use of metal and plastic together will say - bad idea, so ive taken them apart and made one good one out of three, those t max ones or ARB ones are good that run of the battery, they are used in conjunction with the likes of a ARB diff lock (air powered) but do cost money, WARN specialise in this sort of thing too but again money, amyway what i have is a 6 litre tank electric air compressor in the back running of a 2000 watt inverter, this tends to work rather well and if you use ebay it costs alot less than you think, think about it - you can get small aircompressors now for about £30 and the 2000 watt inverter is only £50 but you do have to be carefull with wiring and batterys etc and prolonged use (heat and power)thats why i always have an extension lead with me for mains electric - sorry rabbiting on now

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!

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12v plug in Tyre inflator.

Hi I use a Halfords Digital Tyre inflator I bought 4 years ago. It runs from my 12v socket and is remarkably fast. It was rated 'best buy' at the time by Auto Express. I have used it almost every week to check and adjust tyres on 3 cars and without problems. I wouldn't leave home without it.

In addition

Sorry!! forgot to say cost was about £30 at the time.