No heat from blowers


just bought a 1997 Hijet, unbeknown to me when i picked it up to drive 154 miles back home. the heater doesnt work.. and i had no jacket on!

Symptoms are:
fans all work from slow to fast speed, i can feel air being pushed thru the vents.
the temp gauge on dash does not move from cold.

i suspect a couple of things;
temp sensor/loose wire/knackered
thermostat knackered.

trouble is with out a wiring diagram i dont know which wire to start playing with! got a CD manual from flea bay in the post.. no idea when it will get to me or if it will be any good.

any ideas?
Thanx LP

You have no thermostat in or

You have no thermostat in or its stuck open also bleed the system there is a pipe under the drivers seat small with a cap take it off run at high speed untill aire has gone then replace

Thanks for the post. i was

Thanks for the post. i was out today attempting to locate the thermostat so i know where to start... i cant seem to find anything that resembles where its housed. someone mentioned its near/next to the alternator... i cannea find it Scottie!
so used to referring to a Haynes with my motorcycle that has pics of where stuff is, how to get to it etc..

if i follow the bleed pipe backwards, will it lead me to the thermostat?

sorry for the questions, gotta start somewhere.
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On my rocky the thermostat

On my rocky the thermostat is on the left side of the engine under the throttle body. Following the lower radiator hose to the engine you will find the thermostat housing.

Pretty basic, its probably something similar on yours.

Where ever it is its connected at the end of a hose on the engine because coolant has to flow through it.

Your heater core might be shot too but hard to say.

i always thought there wasnt

i always thought there wasnt much difference between a Jap in-line 4 bike engine lay out to a car engine... i can find things much easier on a bike engine.. mind you i think being able to see most of it helps!

ho hum time to engage the learning brain cells.
with more googleing i found a thread from this site, someone commented that on the 993 the thermostat is located under the rear service hatch, one that i havent had open yet. + in the same post had good tips on bleeding the system.
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found it! the stat is under

found it! the stat is under the rear service hatch on the 1997 1Ltr EFI Hijet (for anyone else to google). on left hand side. it looks easy to access, 2 nuts already sprayed with WD40 today.....
will get round to changing/checking it this weekend.

"tape your sockets on to the extension so you don't lose them"
always a good idea. ta 4 the tip as some things do look hard to get to.
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You have to take all the

You have to take all the middle out or move to one side its under the drivers side.Slacken the alternator or tke it off its just under it 3 bolts holding it in make sure you tape your sockets on to the extension so you dount lose them.The stat cost me £15 no gasket needed.Put some tape or solicone and stick the bolt into the socket to fasten back in and do not swear while doing it there a right ba$tard to get back in have fun.