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anyone got any advice on getting a snapped front spring and a shock replaced? how much should this cost at a garage-my mechanical ability is minimal (is it an easy job)?and would probably do me motor more damage than good if i undertook the task!

This is an easy job to do as

This is an easy job to do as long as you have a decent jack and axle stands. A source of heat can be useful too (to free off sized on u bolts and the like...the manual (which is available through this website takes you through it step by step )if you felt you needed the guidance. Although, as I say, it really is a fairly straight forward job to do. The shock is held on by the upper and lower bracket bolts.It will be considerably cheaper if you do give it a go yourself.
You dont say whether its Sporty or Fourtrack...try here for prices..they are reliable and relativley cheap :


Well, its obviously an older,

Well, its obviously an older, pre independant front end Fourtrak/Rocky, as all Feroza/Sportraks have torsion bar front ends. And, as stated, it is a relatively easy job.
Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt, and

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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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