lift shackles / i'll apreciate any help i can get from anybody and happy new year.


hi i have a 1986 fourtrak/rocky and i have a few questions about puting in longer shackles:

1.does it have 8 shackles 2 per leafspring.

2.what lenght would you recomend so i can fit up to 35inch tires and still get enough tire travel. i have to extend drive shaft (front and back).

3.will i have to buy new and longer shocks to fit the shackles lenght. also going to do about 2 to 3 more inches on body lift.

5.since am adding about 2 inches of body lift and probably 2 or 3 more on shackles i probably have to do some modifications on brake lines, stabilizer bars, and other engine componets like hoses, and other lines or anything please let me know if am correct or not. thanks very much.

hi mate i think they only

hi mate i think they only have one shackle per spring.
What i would suggest is vist this site
and they sell the longer shakles,shocks and the extended brake lines.
Also if you go on they sell full kits of polly bushes
whitch you will have to change any way.
As far as im aware your fortrack has a solid axle both front and rear so you wont have to extend any drive shafts or any thing like thatbut as far as the body lift goes its not some thing ive looked at doing so unfortunatly i carnt shed any light on that.
good luck with your mods.