revolver shackles


hi i just would like for some to answer me this, if i put revolver shackles does it has to be on all 4 leaf springs or just on the rear leaf spring.

Its up to you, personaly I

Its up to you, personaly I would just fit them to the rear. you will also need long shock absorbers if you intend to get maximum articulation.

Here's some good reading, I know its a Landy but leaf springs are all basicly the same. for free fun offroading in the midlands

Revolver Shackles

Hi, there are other issues in fitting this type of shackle to a Fourtrak, have a look at

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Hi, I have a company specialising in Daihatsu parts, Blood Red Offroad Ltd, and am always interested in suspension modifications, you can see pics of my car in the gallery and on my website showing the articulation I have achieved up to now and I have a new project underway to build a dedicated trials/challenge vehicle from an F95 Fourtrak I bought recently.
I have looked into making these scissor type shackles for the Fourtrak/Sportrak but decided against it because to allow them to work on a Fourtrak or Sportrak you will need to make a number of other mods as well. The main problem is the standard shocks on the Daihatsu vehicles only have around 7" of travel, no point having an extending shackle if your axle will only move 3-4" before the shocks are holding it, also if the shackles give any lift the axle will already have used up some of the extension travel in the shocks before you unload it. You can address this by fitting longer shocks, although without repositioning the mounts 2" longer in the shock body is around the practical limit, this will give 3-4" of extra droop but then this will affect other critical components as they were not designed to accommodate a long travel set up, the brake hoses will be starting to reach full extension before the axle with the potential to tear out and leave you with no brakes at the most inconvenient time. Also the handbrake cables will need extended mounts on the body and axle to stop them limiting the travel of the rear axle at full droop and the bump stops and axle breathers will need extending. There are potential problems with the prop shaft spline overlap if fitting these shackles to the front axle of the fourtrak but I wouldn't recommend fitting all four springs with these anyway as there are stability issues with doing that in the same way as fitting dislocation cones to all four corners of a coil sprung vehicle. I would stick to a pair on the rear only.
I don't mean to sound negative about these, as I said I've looked into them myself, but I wanted you to be aware of what is involved if you want to get the best out of fitting them, otherwise you will end up spending money for little or no extra travel.
Best regards
Blood Red Offroad Ltd