is my fourtrak starving


my r reg Fourtrak seems to splutter when giving it some wellie going through the gears.It doesn't seem so bad if i go steady but as soon as i give it the big one you can feel it start to stutter.
One answer i have been given is to drain the filter of water but none came out when trying this.
Would a new filter cure the problem or does it sound more serious? Any ideas please. Sad


It sounds like a fuel filter problem, Milners do a filter kit for daihatsu at £10+vat and postage, this includes oil, fuel, and air filters.

Other problems could be an air leak somewhere along the fuel lines causing air to be sucked in, a blocked fuel tank breather, or even low fuel in the tank.

starving fourtrak

Thanks for the answers.Tried a new fuel filter and things are now running as sweet as a nut. Cheers