Rocky electrical fluxuations


My rockys headlights and instrument panel lights have been flickering a bit or getting brighter then dimmer. That kind of a thing. Also I've noticed the battery light coming on and off a bit.

Could it be the voltage regulator is bad or failing?

Has anybody had this experience and if so what can I do to fix it.


Oh by the way what is the diference from a rocky, foutrack, sporttrack and feroza? Aren't they similar?


Charge the battery. Check the tightness of the alternator drive belt. If the battery lights contiues on/off then test the alternator.

Hello there,Had same

Hello there,

Had same problem, alternator brushes where worn and not making full contact anymore. They can be changed without removing it from the car.

The rocky and feroza is what they are called everywhere other than the UK where they where sold as the fourtrack and sporttrack. The rocky was also called Rugger in japan.



I'm battling with my

I'm battling with my electrics at the moment and I had exactly that problem. I found the problem seemed to stem from bad contacts inside the switchgear around the steering wheel. I took it off and sprayed it with contact-cleaner and carefully cleaned the contacts. But there was another problem in that one of the wires from the alternator to the voltage regulator had frizzled itself. Sometimes it did not return a charge and sometimes 16 v. Replaced that section of the loom and it seems to work fine. Good luck!


Some simple tests to conduct:

Measure the battery voltage with the engine switched off, leave the tester connected and start the vehicle, this should rise to between 13.8-14.4 volts. If it goes significantly above 14.4 volts it is the voltage regulator or its wiring.

If the voltage fluctuates up and down it is most likely the alternator, it is usually the brushes or commutator worn, or clagged up with dirt.

Check the condition of all the alternator and regulator wiring, especially at the connections to the cables, they corrde badly and will weaken and snap in time. Also check the earth connection from the battery to the engine block, of put a jump lead from earth on the battery to the engine block.