transmission whine


my two year old fourtrack has a high pitched whine in the transmission.after three attempts to cure it my dealership
have now told me that the noise is acceptable and typical for this particular model.are they correct.
any opinons from other fourtrak owners would be appreciated

I'd personally play dumb and

I'd personally play dumb and feign interest in a similar aged used example on the dealers forecourt and ask for a test drive. Then drive another if avaliable. Then I'd go back to the manager telling him they don't make such a din and demand answers. Then contact Daihatsu for their opinion.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty


yep - i`ve had mine from 3500 miles and it has always whined - i`ve also test - drove others and they do similar

transmission like someones wife

Not a Fourtrak owner but all the Fourtraks ive seen or been near, including new and old ones none have made a high pitched whine. I would suggest letting another place have a look to see what they think it could be. If they find something take it to the dealers and tell them whats wrong. Be careful though as having someone else look can void any warranty so best say "oh someone said on the net it could be this". Though you might even be able to say that if one of the Fourtrak gods on here suspect what it could be Smiling

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Transmission whine is part of

Transmission whine is part of owning a Rocky(Fourtrak) You get used to it, and if you dont, you go and buy a louder stereo. The whine comes from the particular way each gearset wears in. If ever you have the misfortune of breaking a gear in your gearbox, your problems will be even worse as either a new gear, or second hand gear wont be worn to the same degree, and the whine will be even worse. Try putting an antiwear additive into your gearbox oil. Some of the metal based ones are suppose to help, but I have no first hand knowledge, so I cant really comment on their performance. A mechanic friend who owns a Landrover repair workshop in Australia suggests a PRO-MA product. Have a look for them on the web.
Hope this helps
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I own a 1988 trak..its done 160,000 miles....I do not have a whineing gear box.Do not accept what the dealer is saying..if the noise is that audible that we are discussing it then there is something wrong.
Ask dealer to test drive another trak as suggested or go elswhere and test drive another you can compare!
I have to say that this is the first time I have heard of anyone on the forums complaining of a whineing box in a trak.

Transmission Whine

My '96 Fourtrak suffered from transmission whine with only around 30000 mls on the clock.
It was particularly bad under load, but if i lifted my foot off the accelerator slightly the whine stopped until i started accelerating again. This is definately not normal for these vehicles.
Mine was diagnosed as worn gearbox bearings which had probably been caused by misuse, i.e. the previous owner maybe using fourwheel drive on non slip surfaces or whatever.
I had a reconditioned gearbox / transfer box fitted and there is now no sign of any noise and it's much more pleasant to drive.
I've been told that Daihatsu don't do recon' boxes but they do repair them. Hope you get it sorted.

well i have got a 88 fourtrac

well i have got a 88 fourtrack and i got a whine as well it goes away when i lettoff the acelirator and comes back when i press it again