Engine Fault Light - Why does this appear for ?


Can some body tell me the main reason why my Engine Fault light occasionally turn on for random amount of time, then switches off. After the light switches off the car jerks when trying to accelerate, then stalls when not accelerating. Once the car stalls it takes a few times to start again, once started the car runs normally again. Sometimes the Engine Fault light turns for a while then turns off, but the car running is not effected.

If some one could lead me to where to start looking it would be appreciated.

1990 Applause 1.6 EFI.

Engine Fault Light

On the Sportrak, there is a sensor which tells the fuel injection system that the engine is warming up and doesn't need as much fuel. If this sensor is faulty the fuel injection system will keep supplying fuel at the same rate as it would if the engine was cold which will cause it to flood and cut out. Maybe it's the same on the Applause.


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Sounds applause-ible.

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engine light

The only thing i can think of is that one of the sensors that the ecu monitors has a intermitant fault, thus the check engine light comes on and ecu goes into limp mode, then the sensor works ok again and things go to normal. I would do a diagnostic check next time the light comes on.