Condensation problems with my Sirion 2 (2005)


Hello fellow Daihatsu fans

Who can help me ?. I have had my Sirion 2 now for 5 months and now its cold, I am having a BIG problems with condensation inside the car. It starts on the back windows and slowly works it way forward to the front windows. I have tried everything so far, Airco on Airco off, cold (not handy in the winter) warm, open windows you name it I have tried it, Also I have checked for wet carpets and mats in the back but with no joy. Can somebody give me advice about what this problem could be ?. Could there be water inside the door panels because of bad rubbers in the windows ?. I don’t know Please help.

Thx John

Had/have something similar

Had/have something similar with my 2003 YRV Turbo. Unfortunately this was due to an in-proper fitted replacement windscreen by the previous owner (Unfortunately had a big rain storm and opened the car up one morning to find an inch of water in both passenger and driver footwells Sad . Had this fixed, and later noticed I was still getting a small condensation buildup inside during winter a few months later. Looked at the strip which connects the fixed sunroof to the windscreen and this has a gap which I have now used masking tape to sort out for now until I get some sealant. Had noticed that part of the roof liner was slightly damp where the reading lamp is located but the carpets were bone dry. You may have a similar problem with the seals on your window. I would try some masking tape around the window to start with. failing that it could be the seals around your rear lights or the hatch opening to your boot.

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I have the same problem with

I have the same problem with my Sirion. I remember reading somewhere that it is a design flaw, something to do with no exit vents in the back of the car. All you can do is keep the air con when it does start to steam up and use the heater as suggested.


Agree with poster who advises aircon on with heat - best way to demist the car. Also check that the aircon is set to outside air and not recirc.

Incidentally, don't use WD40 on locks or mechanisms, its a (W)ater (D)ispersant, not a lubricant. Better to use silicon oil spray, its only 99p a can at Lidl as a bonus!

Condensation - Water ingress ??

Hi all,

I've just bought a 2006 Sirion for the missus - after I picked it up last week I noticed that there was some water lying in the spare wheel well. I put it down to cold weather + sitting on a forecourt for a few months = Condensation, but I've just checked again and the watter has returned. Needless to say, misting up tends to be a problem.......

My initial hunch is that the tailgate seal is OK but that the water is coming in around the lights, at the tailgate hinges,or at the grommet where the washer pipe exits the main bodywork. It'll probably be next week before I get the chance to make further investigations, but in the meantime, maybe some of you folks with misting problems could check to see if you have the same problem.

Bye for now,


Sirion Condensation

I'd go with what yrv130 said, had same problem with my sirion when I bought it. Car kept getting major condensation build up and it felt (& smelled) really stale inside. Realised it was just that the re-circ had been left on by previous owner - (doh, wasn't really familiar with all the gadgets at that point! Biggrin ).
Condensation not such a major problem now though & if I do get it (mainly on rear window) turning air and rear window heater on usually does trick.




we are on our second sirion and i have noticed the same concern you have, Scratch one-s head air con on sorts it but if you want to save fuel (and the world!) put your rear windows down about half an inch it will clear it up in no time as you drive, when the car heats up then the heat should keep it done, also try and invest in some wind deflectors for your doors front and rear Smile
hope this helps

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Now- 05 chrade 1.0 SL (my folks's)
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Condensation in sirion

I have a 58 plate sirion SE and I have had problems with condensation from new,I have tried most of the suggestions but non have worked.I purchased a product called FOG CLEAR easy to use just apply evenly to the inside of the glass let dry ,any smears can be removed by polishing,I found it lasts for 4-5 weeks.Not a cure but at least I can see through the windscreen and cheaper than buying 4 wind deflectors.


Same problem, but possible solution...?

Hello everyone, this is my first post here.

I just bought a brand new Sirion and I have the same problem with condensation. I checked posiotion of the airflow switch and according to the icons on it it set at "air from outside taken".


When I reffered to manual, I found that on the picture the icons are the other way round... Is it possible that someone just had put the icons other way round in the factory?

I will have to try to drive for some time with "air recirculated" mode on to check it and I'll keep you updated on it...