Sportrak battery drain


I'm not sure if its a battery problem or not and its been happening for quite some time.

When trying to start the car, all I get is a click from the front, after 3 - 5 tries it starts (Sounds sluggish sometimes but starts!)

After getting it started its fine for the rest of the day, and sometimes the day after, but if left for 2 or 3 days, If happens again. and sometimes after a week of not using the car, it needs a jump.

I have had a problem with one of the brake lights but sorted that by cleaning the earth on the back of the left rear light and cleaned the battery connections and also the earth under the battery.

As far as I can see, theres no interior lights on, and I make sure everything is switched off before leaving.

The alternator charge has been tested and is fine.

I pulled the battery off the car and the volts read 12.16v. I gave it a charge (Didn't need long before the charger said full) and its now at 12.80v.

Could it be an earth somewhere else? What current should the car be using from the battery when stood still? Help! lol

Thanks in advance!

Draining Experience

Begin at the beginning, have the battery tested, many electrical specialists or even motor factors will do this free of charge. This will eliminate any internal discharging problems with the battery.

Using a test meter with current measuring capacity, remove the battery positive cable and connect the meter betwen the lead and battery post. The reading should be less than 0.25 amps, any more then there is a problem, remember that items such as the clock, alarm, or radio will require constant power.

If this problem persists, remove each fuse from the fusebox, with the engine stopped, measure the current drawn across the fuse, this will identify the offending high current drawing circuit. Once this circuit has been identified as the high draw circuit, it is simply a matter of checking what it feeds, and working through them individually.

Other problems may be the alarm, a number of the older systems drew considerable amounts of power, if it is the alarm, replace it with a new low consumption system.

Thank you!

Thank you for such a great reply! This information is what I have been waiting for! I shall connect the battery back on the car tomorrow and test the amps. Then go from there.

Thanks again!


batterty drain

you said that the car clicks 3-5 times sometings then starts, that to me sounds like a sticky solenoid on the starter motor,

a flat battery would have no power in it first time and wouldnt get power the 3-5 time round,

i would check the starter motor first and go from there,

by all means check the battery for discharge.

hope this helps


petey b

Car is charging at 14.5

Car is charging at 14.5 volts

Its taking just 0.06 amps when locked up.

Took the battery to be tested and the result is, its dead...

So fingers crossed, I should have no more faults with the car after the battery has been changed.