Hijet manual


Hi there,

I am a new member and would like to start by thanking everyone who write to forums like these, you have saved me time and money on many an occasion.

I have a Hijet MPV 1.3 EFi 2000(w reg), and it is looking like the rings have seen better days.

After trawling around garages and breakers yards, i have finally given up and have decided to do it myself...

But i cannot find a service manual for sale anywhere!!!

Can anyone help me locate a service manual for my Hijet? and does anyone have any advise that will assist in the venture ahead of me???

All comments are gratefully recieved.

Many thanks.

Hijet 1.3 EFI

Hi I am also desprate for a hijet manual i have a 1999 1.3 16valve EFI please if you find can you let me know i dont mind paying for somebodys time. Wink


Hi, saw your post and we are desperate for a manual (not the owners manual) to re-build our engine. Will gladly pay for photo/print copy or even on disc. Anyone who can help please email me on:

[email protected]

Many Thanks