Fourtrak alternator problem


Further to my post yesterday regarding blown engine fuse, i think I have now traced the problem to the alternator. When I disconnect the connector to what i asume is the voltage regulator then the fuse no longer blows when the ignition key is switched on. My questions now are:

1. Is it likely to be the voltage regulator that needs to be replaced or the complete alternator?
2. Does anyone have any instructions on how to replace these?




The best option is to take it to an independent auto electrician to diagnose the problem, it could be the alternator, voltage regulator, or even the wiring. If it is the alternator it could be the brushes, diode pack, internal regulator, or even the commutator worn; this being the case then an auto electrician can repair it cheaper than a replacement.
If it is the voltage regulator it could be any number of things, some possibly repairable, some not; and if it is the wiring it could be simply a piece needs replacing.

from your description it could be any number of possibilities, or combination of possibilities. To this end it would be cheaper to diagnose rather than replace the alternator and regulator to simply find out it is a £5 wiring repair.


Thanks a lot for the reply,

I tend to agree with you about getting an auto electrician to look at it. Problem is that I am in a pretty remote part of wales and haven't been able to find anyone locally so will probably have to continue to diagnose this myself.
Having disconnected and reconnected the alternator the symptom has changed slightly in that I can now start the engine. However when I do I get the battery charge and water in fuel filter warning lights on (engine fuse also blows). Looking at previous posts I see that alternator brushes have been a cause of these 2 warning lights on together. Does anyone have instructions for replacing these?

Thanks in advance .............John

Blown engine fuse - Fixed !

Just an update as I have now found the cause of the problem and thought i would post this in case anyone else has the same problem.

Found the problem was caused by the voltage regulator - after removing the cover found that one set of contacts had become stuck out of position (below the bottom fixed contact) hard to see how this could have happened !! but after putting them back in the correct position everything worked fine.