sportrak front axle


can any body help when i put my free wheeling hubs into lock the steering will not turn more than half a lock wether its in four wheel drive or not as you turn the steering wheel you feel resistance with the hubs unlocked the steering is fine as if bits going to cost to much its gonna be a scrapper

sportrak front axle

hi i am sure you have a faulty front diff it has either siezed up
or it has been welded up for off roading?
it might not be such a problem on very loose or slippery surfaces


If i had to hazard a guess i would say you have an issue with the front cv joints, they only move/spin when the wheels are locked in you see and there is little balls which allow angle of movement which might be busted up, it needs stripping out if thats the prob but its not too major, plenty of s/hand spares floating around, is there a clickin noise when in 4wd from the front wheels?

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