best option


hi i have a rocky 1987 lwb and i am not sure of how to lifted without spending a lot of money or making any heavy mod to the rocky, first of all i will not be doing that much off road and if i do its not that serious its pretty much cuz i like the look of it with big wheels most of it will be everyday driving and highway use. i really want to put 33" tires on spring over axle but than i dont know if it would be safe my other option are putting 2" shackles with 3" body lift blocks with 33" tires or in the other hand would it be fine if i just do 3" of body lift blocks with 31" tires or can i put 33" tires the 3" body lift blocks. I really dont know and not sure at all what do. So its SOA safe or would any option work. i will appreciate any comments i pretty sure it would help me a lot. thanks