HELP Fuel prob with fourtrak


Hello from a new boy,
I have a 1987 2.8 Diesel Fourtrak with loads of miles on it, its ok because I only use it on and around the farm with no probs till yesterday!!
The engine Just died. Found that there was a small leak from the bottom of the fuel filter made worse when you push the plunger on to of the filter housing.. On removing the filter it was almost dry.... Anyone know if there is a fuel pump near the fuel tank or another filter somewhere please?? thanks in advance!

The engine will not run well

The engine will not run well if there's an airleak. If fuel comes out- air gets in. I don't think there's another filter unless someone added one. Where are you located? I've got another filter assembly knocking about somewhere (I'm in Kent). Good luck.


There are the fuel lines from the tank to the fuel filter, the fuel then goes straight to the injection pump, there should be nothing else.

If you have a leak on the bottom of the filter it is can only be a defective seal, or broken component on the water switch, or the water drain plug as these are the only two items on the bottom of the filter. Usually it is the water drain plug loose, tighten it and it should usually be fine, if not remove the filter and remove both items. Check both for defects such as cracks, and then check the "O" ring seals for deterioration. replace any faulty O rings and screw everything back together.

Bleed the injection system and it should be OK.

Hi, no extra fuel pump's

no extra fuel pump's just the injector pump which under normal running conditions sucks fuel from tank through the filter etc...
However, had a similar problem with mine, and found the priming lift pump located above the filter had a leak in the diaphram letting air into the system.
Hope this might be of some help.