sporty front hub problem


hi my sportrak makes a knocking noise when i reverse off the drive and then nocks when i go forward for about a cars length it is only coming from the drivers side front.
If i put it into 4wd then move it doesnt happen i think my it may be stuck so ive tryed driving forward and backwards to engage then disengage the 4wd but it still knocks it is fitted with auto locking hubs.
If any one can help me i will be very greatfull as i need it to get to work and im not sure if i can drive it like this without causing more damage.
Many thanks john

sporty front hub problem

hi john
it sounds like your auto locking hub is seizing and not returning
correctly should be ok short term, but take it off and free it up
sooner the better

thanks for the input mate i

thanks for the input mate i took the hub off and the drivers side one is fine but the passenger one was stuck on i stripped it down then rebuilt it as it should be but i think it has broken something at the back of the auto hub so i am going to try to find a second hand one any ideas where i could get one and how much it should cost.
Many thanks john


Are they auto hubs? if so they will need periodic stripping, cleaning, and packing fully with a marine type waterproof grease. The biggest problem with them is the water and mud which often finds its way inside them, this often causes corrosion or abrasive wear. Fill them fully with grease and it prevents this from happening.