Missing Fourtrak on Startup Please HELP!


86 2.8D Fourtrak... was running like a dream, doing 80 miles a day. Decided to do a preventative maintenance service (oil, air, fuel, plugs)... Now when i start it, only a couple of cylinders fire, white smoke, then clears and runs on all four just fine. Any ideas?? Runs on slightly on shut down as always. Seems daft but the oil filter was smaller than the original...would this rake up the pressure and cause a prob? Very bizzare. 1st lesson in Daihatsu... If it aint broke dont fix it! Trouble is that due to excess starting required battery often gives up before firing. HELP!!!

Just a thought... i noticed a

Just a thought... i noticed a clicking from driver side of engine bay, when ignition is switched on... always done it. I am assuming that this is the glow plug relay. Should it click or stay latched for startup?

My relay clicks....on startup

My relay clicks....on startup too.

You say that only 2 cyliders fire on start up ..that is not right at all...check that you have juice going to all four glow plugs when ignition is switched on. Use a volt meter to check for volts at plugs.

I cant see a slightly smaller oil filter making a huge difference...
How come it was smaller Unknw

Rusty The glow plug relay on

The glow plug relay on the Right hand side inner mudguard (wing) under the black plastic cover clicks for about 30 secs on startup. This is quite normal.
It sounds like you have not bleed your fuel system correctly after changing the fuel filter. There is a small 10mm slotted nut on top of the fuel filter/ primer pump housing. Slightly undo this, and pump the primer pump until no more air bubbles come out. You will lose a bit of fuel. Then, retighten the nut. They can be a bit of a bugger to get completely bled. I remember I had to resort to undoing # 1 injector line at the injector, with the car running, to get mine completely bled one time.
Various manufacturers make different size filters. I dont think a different sized one will affect your vehicle, except for slightly reducing the oil capacity.
Hope this helps
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