Hi-Jet bulbs?


I've just been to Halfords to get a new brake light bulb and the wee chart they have does have the Hi-Jet listed, but they don't sell a single bulb for it!

Any ideas? Any other bulbs compatible?

i dont (yet) know what bulbs

i dont (yet) know what bulbs my 993 EFI takes, but when the time comes; i'll take out the duff one, check round the car shops for the type/wattage. i am guessing it'll be a H4...

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Best go to a motor factors or the Daihatsu dealer mate for best results. Will save alot of time and hassel.

Halfords are rubbish mate as far as im concerned. They have gone right down hill in my opinion. Run by boy racers who know nowt these days!!!!

Always ask for a discount at the main dealers!!! Remember, we are in a recession!!!!

Regards. Brendan


I agree Halfords are bloody rubbish and should have stuck to cycles.

Go to a proper motor accesory shop or auto factor where they know what a car is and you will have no problem.

Halfords are ok for bling and polish and thats about all. The staff are really useless unless you want a boomy radio or a drainpipe size chromium exhaust piece.

Their service area is as bad and I watched a spotty burke change the brake fluid on a car by emptying the master cylinder with a suction tube and then refilling it, job done, well in his eyes and of course the owner saw new fluid in the master cylinder and paid up no doubt.

M J Young