Rocky gearbox very notchy


Hi all, my daughter has an R reg Rocky, it is ten times better in all departments compared to her previous H reg Rocky.

However the gearbox is very notchy when changing gear, it feels as if there is no oil in the dammed thing, if this was the case i would have thought it would have seized up long ago LOL.

I am pretty sure it isnt the Clutch being worn out because this does seem to bite quite low down, if it was worn out the pedal would be very high up when it bit.

Could it be anything else ?, it cant be doing it any good, crunching it a little every time you change gear


just try the clutch

It might be the gearbox, empty and refill with ep90 gear oil, see if that makes a difference, but check the clutch if that is crunching a bit, standing still, put foot on the brake, select 1st or 2nd, give it some rev so it wont stall and just ease up the clutch gently, see what happens - when does it bite......

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!
youtube: Redfourtrack

trouble is, i dont get to drive it much...

trouble is i dont get to drive it much, but i will certainly suggest to the main driver to try what you suggest, thanks.

as regards draining and refilling the gearbox oil, i will have to have further guidance on the nuts/bolts to undo, as i have read on here that the oil level plug it is very easy to get the wrong one.