Engine speed adjuster


On my'98 Fourtrak TDX the engine speed control situated in front of the right knee backs off when driving so that next time the engine is started from cold the engine is running far too slowly and has to be adjusted again.

Any help really appreciated.


Idle Speed

This does not set the engines idling speed, this is to raise the engine speed when running accessories are being run from the vehicle, at a constant speed. Engine idle speed with a warm engine is 650-700RPM, and is set on the injection pump itself.

Look on top of the injection pump where the throttle cable enters a lever, this is the throttle lever, and it sits against a stop when idling. Loosen the lock nut on the stop and screw it in or out to adjust the idle speed to within its designed idling speed. Tighten the lock nut and idle speed is set.