Hello everyone!


Yesterday i became the proud owner of a 2001 1.3 Hijet van! I wasn't really even in the market for one until i saw this up for sale at my friend's work. Had one go in it and I was hooked! It's in clean condition apart from a couple of faults, such as a very erratic fuel gauge and a rattly tailgate and a dead rear wiper. I can't get over how small it looks on the outside but how HUGE it is inside - I reckon it's the same size as my workvan, a lwb Ford Connect high-top.
Can anyone advise me as to whether there's a service manual for the hijet? Also can anybody suggest a good parts supplier in the East midlands?

welcome, cant help on the

welcome, cant help on the manual front... i know i cant get a haynes/clymer for mine 1997 EFI Hijet, but i am waiting for a manual from the USA at £70!
USA ebay link- contact the seller, the serial number hes on about is the VIN..

i found 2 parts sites good.
http://www.womoco.co.uk/index.htm -- parts dept chap is very helpful.

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Thanks for the links

Thanks leopardpagan, I was browsing the womoco site looking at porters and saw that one of the vans had a bulkhead (cage type). Have you ever seen one fitted on a hijet? I'm a windscreen fitter, and my new van will come in very handy on my days off for all those cash jobs on the sly....but i'd be happier with a bulkhead if i'm to be ferrying big bits of glass around.


Hi mate, i became a proud owner too last year. Ive customised mine tho. See gallery pics. Starsky & Hutch van!!!!

Try ebay mate for parts-daihatsuspares or any motor factor.

My rear wiper didnt work but after a look i found the wires in the top left rubber grommet on the rear hatch door had broken so i simply re-joined them and it works great now!!! 30 min job mate.

My only advice is, give it a good service once a year and keep an eye on the collant levels weekly and oil and it will run lovely.

Dont thrash it either as you will kill it. I drive mine gently and run it upto 60mph max and it drive like a dream. Mine is Petrol/LPG gas too!!! so excellent to run long distances with duel fuel. I recently did 500 miles round trip on both tanks. Approx 40 mpg on petrol and 30 mpg on the gas!!!!.

Dont snatch the door handles when you open them as they will break. I just treat her nice and gentle and she works lovely and drives great.

Good luck and happy Hijetting!!!

Regards. Brendan

Congratulations! Hijet vans

Congratulations! Hijet vans are very spacious and you'll be comfortable riding it. Though there are minor repairs for that, I'm sure its condition is okay. I know a windshield company that offer good services and parts if you need one. Irvine auto glass