Gearbox problems, 1st to 2nd stubborn, 3rd to 2nd refuses...


Hi all,
having problems with my FOURTRACK 2.8TDX gearbox, having had a good look arround I may have found the answer, but here's the full discription of the fault, can anybody help...
Selecting first gear has become a little stubborn, and crunches if quickley engaged. Goinig from first to second has also become stubborn, and goiung from third to second impossible.
The double clutch technique seems to make no differance, and third to second is impossible once the vehicle is moving even with double clutch technique.
I initially thought that I had insufficient clutch clearance, but that is not the problem.
Might this be the nut on the back of the main shaft, and are there any other things I might need to look out for...



Sounds like classic

Sounds like classic mainshaft nut symptoms to me. Contrary to what has been posted on here before, you have to separate the transfer box from the gear box to do this on a 5 speed gear box. The bra shaped alloy cover only exposes the mainshaft nut on the 4 speed boxes. This is a simple fix only made difficult by the weight of the gearbox and having to remove it from the vehicle. If you go ahead and do this, beware that even after you drain the oil the from the gearbox and the transfer box there will be plenty left in the section between the two which will leak out everywhere when you split them apart.

Regards - Alastair.