Rocky Ex (LHD)


I have a 1986 Rocky available as I urgently need the space in my garage! I purchased the vehicle, which was subsequently imported from the Gulf in 1993 - along with full documentation and service history and then used in the UK by my daughter until Oct 1998

It has been kept on axle stands since then, in a dry garage and remains in good condition both inside and out and is somewhat of a "head turner".

Type: F85LV-6
Petrol: 2000cc 3Y
Colour: Red 3E7
Trim: YB12
Mileage: 106292K
Manufactured: September 25th 1986

It also has a "new" set of General grabber tyres (including spare).

The vehicle must be removed and taken away by Feb 8th 2009 at the very latest and would suit an enthusiast (who would be highly delighted I think)

Give me a call on 07710 691466 if interested, but no time wasters please.