Water by pass pipe for 2ltr h plate rocky


Hi all,
I have a problem getting hold of the part mentioned above, And some other parts for this model, Most places only stock limited service parts for the 2ltr that I own.
Even daihatsu say they may be able to get But! Delivery could be months,
I have bodged the old pipe as the part that had blown was too warn for brazing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even an old one, Would buy for the right price.

Thanks for reading



Try Toyota dealers, the engine is a Toyota unit, and has many derivatives; the engines were updated through many models, but were essentially the same unit.
Modern variants may well yield the part you need, but if they have the technical spec, they well be able to match a modern part.


Cheers m8, will give it a go Keep on thinking ile sell it cause of sourcing parts but everytime i drive it makes me smile mad eh? Will get on toyota tmz thanks again.

I don't know exactly which

I don't know exactly which part you mean but if it is one of the elbows or similar that screws into the head, block, water pump etc then the thread is going to be the Japanese version of BSPT which is exactly the same. You can buy all these fittings, elbows, reducers etc from hydraulic pipe fitters quite cheaply. I used a few bits and bobs like this when I fitted a new 2.8 diesel as the originals were all corroded and holed when I pulled the hoses off. There is a good online catalogue from a place called Armada24 and you can order from them too.

This may or may not be helpful info, sorry if it isn't.

Regards - Alastair.