still trouble with Rocky courtesy light switch


hi all, i still have a problem with our Rocky's drivers door interior light switch, the switch itself is located at the bottom rear corner of the door frame, as suggested in an earlier post, i can undo the dammed thing with a 12mm spanner and it unscrews quite easily, without the inner plunger turning at all, so the wire inside the door pillar doesnt get twisted, but NOW the problem is, it still doesnt come out of the pillar even with it fully unscrewed, there seems to be a connector, like a small tubular sleeve that is just to big to come out of the threaded hole !!!. if it came out i could then hopefully replace the switch or check the wire to see if there is current to it etc. etc.

i feel if i pull on it TOO hard the wire will come off and i will be in the SH*** !


90 degrees.

Most of these switches are spade connectors. You can see a wire spade pushed onto a connector. Below this and unseen, the connector takes a right hand turn where it 'earths' to give the ciruit when the door opens - plunger springs out and connector earths within the door post. The connector fits in so it cant be pulled straight out from the hole. To remove it dont bend the connector. You need to manouver [reposition at 90degree] the bit in your hand so the piece now at 90degrees within the hole, is positioned vertical. In other words it does come out .... just needs re-positioning to get the connectors 'elbow' positioned at the hole entrance, so the part gripped in you hand must be repositioned to 90degrees to the hole. It removes by repositioning the protruding bit at 90degrees to the hole rather than lifted vertically.

gee whiz buddy that is very

gee whiz buddy that is very helpfull indeed, thanks a million for that, it looked to be a bastard job but now i can see the end is in sight Smile

i shall now have to wait until sunday afternoon when it will probably be pissing with rain to get hands on with it again.

thanks MACE


With the greatest respect to

With the greatest respect to Mace, to whom I bow down in admiration on all things daihatsu, I think he is mistaken on this.
The courtesy light switch I have in front of me, obtained as a spare from a scrap sporty,has a 6" lead from the switch with a connector on the end and is staight. If it won't pull out sufficiently to disconnect, it should be obvous inside the car by lifting the adjacent carpet and having a poke about! The lead on this one is red with a grey stipe.


well there isnt anything

well there isnt anything obvious inside the car, i shall have to have another much closer look, fortunately the driver doesnt seem to mind it not working, i know i would bloody well mind !.


i have to say that my first

i have to say that my first thoughts are why bother with it, when its working it only turns the light on when the door is open, , one of them little torches on the key ring to find the keyhole is he easiest work round.

How many 4x4 drivers does it

How many 4x4 drivers does it take to change a light switch, answers on a postcard please! Having had another look at my spare, it would appear that the "collar" crimps the wire on the end of the centre pin (which is plastic - non conducting) and makes contact with the body of the switch when the door is open.This collar is spread open slightly at the contact end to ensure a better contact. Possibly someone has maltreated it so that it is opened up such that it won't pull through the hole, my spare has a collar slightly less diameter than the threaded body of the switch.I am still confident that the wire should be visible inside at floor level. Best of luck!


my solution to light switch

If a key ring torch is not suitable as suggesed Richard in previous comment the driver could always whilst sitting in drivers seat extend left arm and push the little black bit on the side of the light upwards and you have light YEAH! has worked for me over the last 12 months or so.Not that I a lazy git. LMAO
Geoff H.

I know this thread is a few

I know this thread is a few years old but thought I'd update it with what I found on my 96 Fourtrak. I had exactly the same problem... Driver's door switch not firing up the interior light.

I looked under the car and found a rubber grommet at the rear of the cill .. it was at a point corresponding to the position of the switch on the door frame. There was a branch of the wiring loom passing through the centre of the grommet. I prised the grommet out carefully and there it was, one wire leading to a bayonet connector. This in turn connected to the wire on the door switch. In my case the copper in the connector had dissolved .. A couple of nips and new connector and .... 'Let there be light.... And there was light' ... I also took the switch out and cleaned it up to make sure all earthed well.

Hope this helps someone.