Headlamps for continental use



Does anybody know if the sportrak (pre and post 94) shares headlamps with other models of Daihatsu? I live in France and want to change the headlamps over but cannot source 4track ones.


Headlight conversion

contact by PM 'oldminiman' a site member, he is based in France and a mine of info regards Sportraks in France, re suppliers and lots of issuse re French motoring regs re Sportraks

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


I have no idea whether they are interchangible but I SUSPECT THE RETANGULAR UNITS MAY WELL BE.

It is highly unlikly, almost impossible to obtain these 2nd hand in France. There was a company in Italy that I found the older retangular ones for the preface lift Sporty on Ebay but they seemed to have disappeared last time I looked. They were under FEROZA and were quite reasonably priced.

For the Post facelift units I went to http://www.distripieces.com/. TP 02 35 73 12 13. They are in Rouen in Normandie and you can find them o Google as DISTRIPIECES NORMANDIE. These will get the part for you although you won't find it listed on their Website. I got some for the Post face lift and a Hijet van from them so a 4track should not be a problem although they may not know it as a 4track but whatever it is know as elswhere. Check the VIN plate which often shows the name eg Rocky, Feroza etc.

The self contained later units are not cheap (480€) and are less likely to be interchangible. I this company will quote you a price inclusive of delivery which you then send and the lights arrive in 10 days+/-. I found it better to phone them than email them.

You will also find that very few of the Daihatsu 4x4 other than the Terios are known in France and you will need to get a Certificate of Conformity or attestation of identification from Daihatsu France if you intend to register. You may be lucky to find that your dept. has already received one so it is worth gioing down the DRIRE route first as it is cheaper @ 67€+/-.

Thereare a lot of documents that you will require for a new immatriculation in France. Please let me know if you want details of what you require to re register and I will gladly provide you with details.

There are some Daihatsu dealers I am told in the Dourdoigne and their is a memeber down their which I can put you in contact with who will tell you where they got their own lights for their old 4track.

My first Sportrak took 11 months to get re registered as I wrote to Daihatsu and the certificate was 134€ in 2002 and when I got it , it was a certificate of NON Conformity which meant further delays, more forms and an inspection of the car by the DRIRE engineer. It is however well worth the effort. My 2nd Sportrack took 3 days as they then had it on record and I sent them details of my other Sportrack and pictures. The French love paper so I tend to go armed with every thing and they copy the lot. If you put the car through the CT prior to getting the light changed then they will give you a 2 month referral as long as the rest is OK.

I live in 53 which is Mayenne.

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