sportrak alternater


my alternater packed in so i bought a second hand one this worked fine for about 5 mins the voltmeter inside was right over about 3/4 of the way even with lights on then same as the otherone now sits about 12 o clock and when the lights are on the battery doesnt charge have i just been unlucky or is there something else wrong oh and it seams like the fuses for the front lights have gone aswell now as i have no front lights

Could be coincidence.

Assuming the alternator was of the correct rating, take it back and get a replacment. Fit new fuses and try again.

Check the two high rated fuses which are on the +terminal of the battery connector. The 30amp could be blown.

ok i have a fuse holder on

ok i have a fuse holder on the + terminal top one has a 30a middle has 40a and the bottom one is empty i take it the charging circuit is the top one

so is it the 30 or 40a for

so is it the 30 or 40a for the charging circuit i also put a meter accross the battery with the lights off i get 14v with the lights on i get 13.5 v


Question ... with engine running is the ignition lamp ON or OFF?

There are several wiring diagrams which you probably need. I can email a couple if you message me and supply your email address.

Battery fusable link does go to the alternator. Output is 45Amp. Some could be 50Amp option. Turn off ignition when changing these fuses.

I suggest you buy a copy at £15 FULL workshop manual on CD. Invaluable.



M J Young