Hi Jetters (especially campers) Get-together


Hi Hijetters (and others)
I haven't voted in the Poll on the Meet /Event for all Daihatsu drivers because I'm much more interested in a get-together just with other Hi-jet drivers. There doesn't seem a way of feeding this back - so I'm hoping this might be a good place to say it.
Being on the point of starting to convert my new MPV to a Camper vehicle I am especially interested in meeting others with similar Hi-jets, maybe at a camp-site for a weekend.
Anyone else interested? Or does something like this already happen?

Hijet meet up

Hi im up for it but im not a camper or camp for that matter!!!!! Morning!!!!! Ive a Starsky & Hutch Hijet van ( See Gallery pictures- commercials) and i would like a nice day out somewhere, say the seaside or similar.

Im afraid though that in order to get something like this off the ground it needs to be well thought about and costs are important too.

Any free venues always go down well if they are easily accessable from all areas. Facilities etc play a big factor too. Gone are the days when you can just turn up somewhere without the Health & Safety brigade ruining it for all concerned.

A nice park or national trust venue is always good to for background activities

Regards. Brendan

Me too. I'm a 'Happy

Me too. I'm a 'Happy Hijetter'!! To be honest, it's the model not the make that I'm interested in, so I would love a get together for the van more than simply Daihatsu.



Hi all, being a free spirit, im always up for a spell of camping, the more deserted the better,(lol)campfire, meat on the fire mmm smell them chops now!! When we off?

R .S