Sportrak alternator pulley


Can any kind soul advise me as to how to remove the pulley from the alternator.
I want to replace the pulley on my 'new' (2nd hand) alt from grooved type to vee belt. If I grip the pulley in the vice and try and undo the locknut, the shaft simply rotates inside the alternator, slipping against the pulley as it's not a keyed shaft. I got the original one off but ruined the old unit in the process. Is there any way of locking up the shaft?

All help gratefully received, thanks.


Carefully strip the alternator until you have the opposite end to the pulley exposed, and grip this between two thin pieces of wood in a vice. This will allow the nut to come off.

Other options are to split the nut and use the one off the old alternator, drill this with a series of 2mm holes along the flat of the nut, do this on both sides and carefully split it with a chisel.

I see, no way of doing the

I see, no way of doing the job without a full strip. Oh well, bit by bit...what a shame they didn't provide a way of locking the shaft to save a full dismantle.

Thanks for your reply!

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