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I recently purchased a 52 plate Hijet (lpg) with light front damage,having repaired required some retaining clips for bumper and headlamp to complete.I went to main dealer was informed these Hijet vans "are a nuisance as they are made in Italy" I ordered these parts and was told that they would ring me Mon/Tues which didnt happen.I complained to Daihatsu who were not much help either so unfortunatly my Hijet will be for sale very shortly as problem obtaining secondhand parts and new parts uneconomical

its not just daihatsu

its not just daihatsu dealers.. its all dealers! i have to deal with Honda for a Classic Grey Import motorcycle, its taken me a few years to find the right people to go to for parts/info. i have found a brilliant forum for my bike. thats why i went on a hunt for a HIjet forum....
am finding the same for the van....
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I posted earlier. I don't

I posted earlier. I don't know what happened to my post. THE PREVIEW COMMENT button should be removed as its pointless and is probably responsible for losing posts.

Anyway. Congratulations on buying your Hijet!

Spares certainly seem to be a problem with this little van especially from the perspective of a new owner.

I've phoned a number of national motor factors for parts, usually once I've told them the make and model I'm usually greeted with "What's one of those" or "Never heard of it"! I've phoned a huge vehicle recycling company who hadn't heard of it either. I usually then say it's the same as the Piaggio porter (branded Piaggio 2004-), some do list parts for one but not the other despite it being the same! The hijet manufacture was I think a joint initiave with Daihatsu and Piaggio maybe to import them as a European model, which I think is the reason for neither company really taking responsibility. It would probably be easier to get help/information when you are a local authority because this seems to be where the vehicles are targeted towards ie an almost bespoke service. It could be worse, you could have a 660cc 4X4 Hijet, now that would be a problem!

When you become a Hijet owner and start looking for parts it can be daunting to find the parts, possibly more so when successful and discovering the price. Daihatsu prices are DISGRACEFUL!

My first element of success was Ebay, this is probaby your first point of call when looking for parts. Don't just look for the part, look for breaking/spares and ask the seller. There was a breaker in Wolverhampton who specialised but I couldn't find him the last time I looked for him.

Try the web sites that link scrap yards together to match their parts with your requests. Partfinder etc, look on autotrader.

Get the yellow pages, phone the local scrap yards. ALL OF THEM if neccesary. Keep your eyes peeled for scrappers and breakers, they are around, you develop an eye for spotting them as an owner.

A mental flashback. I can't remeber wheter it was the Hijet or the Mira that was originally imported as a grey market vehicle. It was then imported directly by Daihatsu as an official import but it seems to be more of an Official grey import rather than a UK spec vehicle.

I also own an LPG Hijet, mines a 53 reg though and when I first got mine it was damaged and Cat C. It had had a light front and rear end so I needed a front and rear bumper, rear lights, indicator, headlight, headlamp surround and a grill. They were difficult to locate and expensive!

Allthough the most difficult item I've tried to acquire is alloy wheels, these really are rocking horse droppings, especially when the price of scrap metal has been so high for so long.



main dealer attitude

Thanks for response,i have been in motor trade since 1979 and have never experienced obtaining secondhand parts this difficult unless newish model of vehicle but then prices new have never been as expensive as these.I find the "couldnt be bothered"attitude is disgusting from main dealers and even Daihatsu especially in the present economic climate,however you live and learn as they say!

52 plate hijet lpg

Hi,im glad there is one Daihatsu dealership willing to help.My dealership in Lancs does not deserve to be a main dealer and complaining to Daihatsu did no good either.I have taken in for mot and failed on brake pressure valve which is £130 plus vat for part alone,this now is the final straw and van will be for sale next week

Hi. Mine also failed on the


Mine also failed on the brake pressure valve. I did replace with a second hand valve and discovered the same problem.

The solution was to add extra weight to the back as there was not enough weight on the brake bias valve, the one that adjusts it based on the weight on the back axle. There was not sufficient weight on the axle to open the valve. Maybe soak in WD40 before hand just in case it has seized may also free it off, although I'm 90% sure mine failed the MOT due to not enough weight, just as it did after spraying with WD40, eventually replacing the full unit. TRY EXTRA WEIGHT!



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The problem the parts departments have is that many of the parts are not on the parts diagrams! Try Woodford Motor Company. (WoMoCo) The parts man there is VERY knowledgeble about hijets.

brake pressure valve

I got my van back from mot station complete with 12 months mot.I decided to let mot station supply and fit pressure valve,i drove back from mot station and parked van on my drive only to notice overnight had developed a small pool under o/s/r of van.I ha d a look underneath to see axle covered in brake fluid and valve also has brake fluid on unit!!!I am amazed how the mot station have supplied/fitted/passed mot when leaking!!

i see car/van/4 wheel

i see car/van/4 wheel anything MOTs weird!
on a bike there is no way you can leave leaks, not do failed parts right as it can kill the rider when it goes wrong! maybe due to that last comment that most bike shops/MOT stations they are stringent and so they should be.
so why cant they apply the same attitude to 4 wheel MOTs?
i have only just got a van, my 1st 4 wheel vehicle; the last 10 years i have been on my bike and hears soooo many people complain about MOTs, dodgy garages, parts not fitted right only to break down the next day= more money! it scares me and leaves me with where the hell do i take my van for its MOT/mechanical that wont try and rip me off, that i can trust like i do my bike shop.

its a jungle out there!
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purchase new one.

It also happened to me many times.This is a very crucial problems.We have to purchase new spare parts.I think second hand spare parts is a full time tension.So it's better to purchase new one rather to face long time problems.If we spend money on genuine parts then we will face no problem in future.I had learned this fact by meeting a student of 640-460 exam he guide me about this.So same suggestion for you.