Rocky/Fourtrack F78 vibrations at all speeds


My F78 (240 000 km old) has developed harsh vibrations when idling and running at all speeds - long distance drive is quite uncomfortable. It still has original engine mountings and I was thinking this is most likely the problem. Where can I source these? Milners don't seem to have.
What else could be the problem?

Engine mounts.

If car vibrates in neutral then it cannot be the prop shaft/transmission etc. Start by levering the engine mounts and check is any have split apart .... bits remain bolted onto engine/body but the rubber buffer will be split. Levering usually shows the damage.

Engine Mounts

Thanks - my thinking too. I will be checking all mounts, incl gearbox mounts when I have the car up on the lift next week. Am pretty sure the engine mounts need replacing and am looking for a supplier. I am in Cape Town and often order from Milner and who deliver to my house at about 1/3 the price of Daihatsu South Africa. Milner don't stock these though so if you can point me to a supplier in the UK then please do.