YRV Premium Engine dead or alive.


YRV been with a local garage for almost 2 weeks.
Originally advised that it was a heat sensor. Now advised that it could be no 1 fuel injector or the
Engine is nearing its end.

Symptom - Whilst overtaking I noticed that the car had no power to continue the maneuver. Managed to continue at 50/60 mph to a lay-by where the car sounded as if it was mis-firing when stationary. Managed to start the car twice but the juddering/mis-firing continued.

The car now has no problem starting and running when cold but when if gets hot the juddering/mis-firing returns.

Almost 2 weeks ago the Mechanic advised that too much fuel was getting to piston 1 because the coolant sensor was advising that it was cold.

Have since been advised that 1. The injectors could be faulty, so they are are now swapping 1 and 2 over. However, They also advised that the spark plugs were knackered (They fitted them last year - black in colour) and when revving at high revs there is a lot of smoke.

Any thought on the Knackered engine

Oh Dear !!

2003 Sirion SL 1300. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape much.

Is the Garage a specialist Daihatsu One?

I would suggest it needs a full electronic check first.

I work in cars all the time (But not on them anymore - except my own)
I have seen something similar and the ECU had gone into "Failsafe mode" and cut the power to prevent damage to the engine.
It ended up being a faulty inlet sensor and the Unit cut everything to almost nothing.

Some one with one of these new fangled Diagnostic Units (Who knows about Daihatsu's) Hopefully will be able to help you.
On a good note with the vehicle I was in. They changed the sensor and everything went back to normal. It wasn't an engine problem at all - I will keep my fngers crossed for you.

Cheers, Bob F.

2003 Sirion Rally 4. And I love it.
Don't like the new shape Sirion much.Sorry.

YRV Premium Engine dead or alive.


Unfortunately it is not within a Daihatsu Specialist.
Only 3 dealers near my post code area and all are +40 miles away.
Lets hope they can finally get a sensor and I can get back on the road.