98 hijet change oil


I cant't belief this. I've had my 98 hijet a year,,,and I can't can't find a manual to even tell me how the change the oil! Is this thing TOP SECRET or what. Does anyone know anyone who knows where to get the basic how to manual?

warm engine slightly, not

warm engine slightly, not hot
flip over the passenger seat
remove the oil filler cap
get under the front and locate the sump plug
undo and have a drain basin to hand.
remove rear service hatch
remove the oil filter
*tip by warming the engine slightly, it lets the oil drain quicker
*tip 2, get your fingers in the old oil! can you see silver flecks in it? too much = bad engine wear.

refit sump plug
fit new oil filter, dont forget to put a smidgen of oil round the rubber seal 1st.
fill with oil
turn engine a few times, top oil up...

same as my bike bar bigger scale!

manuals for these vans seem like rocking horse poo!
the only one i have (dealer manual) is for a diesel Hijet S85 VIN number, thing is my van is petrol!
But i am using the manual for reference... and i'll be honest.. it does NOT tell you where to find sod all! a basic knowledge of petrol engines and a degree in CSI investigating is a must!

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