sportrak engine and box noises


Hi all,

My sportrak sounds like a sewing machne and needs the valve clearances adjusting. Been a very long time since I last did this and I remember the rule of 9, but don't think this applies to 16 valve engines. What's the procedure and any ideas what the clearances should be?

Also, my geabox whines it's head off in 5th gear, changes perfect mind...Normal or is everybody elses boxes nice and quiet.(only just bought it and am used to quite refined family hatches)


W/Shop manual on CD.

1. I suggest you buy a w/s manual on CD. A bargain at £15 to £20.
The CD I have is 'Daihatsu 4x4 Ferozo-F300 Sportrak .... upto April 30th 2001.'

2. Gearbox wine ..... when did you last change the gear oil?