Terios Off Road !!!.


Any one used a Terios off Road ?. How did it perform ?.
I have also put a note on the 'problems' forum about the Diff Lock on the Terios as the manual does not give much info on its use, any advice out there.
I dont intend on taking my Terios (Terry) up Mount Everest but I would like to know what its capabilities are.

There was an excellent articl

There was an excellent article in 4x4 magazine last year (could have been 2002)with regard to the Terios's offroad abilities.
Now 4x4 dont give accolades willy nilly for any vehicle..in fact they take great pleasure in pointing out the weaknesses of offroaders.Happily the Terios came out of the test with flying colours...the testers were extremely impressed with its performance..especially since it has a reletively small engine. They did note that high revs were required with some of the more extreme ascents attempted...so pretty good all in all..take yours offroading for a day and you will soon see what its capable off m8
good luck.

Terios off road

Hi, I own a Terios since 2001.I live in a small village near the town of Thessaloniki/Greece. So i have many chances to test in in snow and mud. It is pretty good! You are right, you can not go to Everest, but you can sure go somewhere that another vehicle can not. I must tell you that in many difficult cases (snow-ice-night) Terios did not have any problem and at the same time you could see some other 4x4 that were left on the road. Hope i help you