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Just bought my first Fourtrack F75. Many years ago I had an ex MOD IIa Landrover and had great fun. Now the kids have grown up I have gone back to 4X4. I know very little about Daihatsu but I am learning fast from this site which is full of good info. Friends have suggested I get some injector cleaner from this a good idea Unknw Diesel engines are new to me so any advice is most welcome. My current 2.8 turbo sounds fine with no smoke is there any point in cleaning the injectors i.e. if it aint broke dont fix it.

Four Trak

Hope you have as much fun with your Four Trak as I did.
Not sure about cleaning the injectors, are they in the service schedule to be done. Regular servicing is the best thing to keep things going .
Went Off Roading in my Four Trak and found it very good.

The use of propriatry fuel tr

The use of propriatry fuel treatments such as injector cleaners etc is a debate that has gone on for years..some swear by them others would not let them near their engines.You have to remember that all of these treatments are solvent based in one way or another....Regular use of solvents can cause premature wear of components because they strip away lubricates as well as the undesirable deposits.
I would say that the use of them on an infrequent basis should be ok...I have used them myself without ill effect (before m.o.t.)...but I would not use them on a regular basis.

If your engine is running fine...I would not bother m8.

injector cleaner

does it run ok when cold on start up if so dont bother.
av got a f78 i just use it when it is a bit grumpy in the frosty mornings. hope you hav great fun in it av had sum in mine when i dont get stuck nead to get sum nobly tyres fitted after the summer..:)