Sporty dash noise and cam belt replacement cost


Hi, I have just purchased a 1993 sportrack. It has a noise from behind the dash (wirring sound). It is inaudible up to around 40mph and then gets louder as revs increase. It is not the clutch cable.
Any ideas ???
Also, the mileage is 61,000, how much to have the cam belt replaced?
Any informed ideas gratefully received.
Thanks, Tony.

If you dont know the history

If you dont know the history of a cambelt, get it changed. About £15 for the belt, and about an hours work, maybe less. Stick to about 10000 mile intervals.

Dave with a Sporty

Sportrak Cambelt and Noise

The usual interval for Cambelt change is 60,000 or 6 years whichever is the soonest. If you have no proof of it being changed along these lines then change it. Not a difficult job and cheap at £15-18 for the cam belt. It is worth at the same time changing the Power steering and alternator belts as well. If you can do the job yourself then all 3 belts will be about £40 and it is worth doing it more frequently. If it isn't a for you then the labor charges should only top out at 2 to 3 hours althogh once you are used to doing it an hour is easily achievable. The biggest job is getting the Radiator drained and out of the way along with the fan cover. It can be a bit of a wiggle to avoid damage but it does come out. Firstly get all the air intake plubing out of the way which will give you a bit of room t work in. You can replace this lump with a K&N but don't expect huge improvment other than clutter removal.

The Noise could be the inner speedo cable whirring. It may be dry and I would disconnect it and see if the noise stops. It won't be the cluch cable as that just goes up and down within it's outer casing but it could be a dry clutch thrust bearing. Try dipping the clutch whilst stationery and if the noise goes then it is likely to be a dry bearing. As the speed increases the bearing will get noiser so to confirm dip the clutch when the noise it at it's worse, if it stops then that is almost certainly the problem. Gently let the clutch back in and the noise will return confirming that as probable. If it is that then I would just live with it as to replace is a box out job and to be done when a new clutch is needed. If it isn't then you may be looking at bearings/worn cogs within the gearbox box itself. I suspect because of the noise location that it is likely to be one of the two, the speedo or the clutch thrust bearing but noise travels in cars.

M J Young