battery charging


Hi, i've recently bought a 1992 rocky which is great, but i've got problems with the charging.
Recently i've been driving to and from work with the lights on all the time. The battery lacks power and will only just start the engine, although no problems with lights fading or warning lights coming on when driving.I've put a battery tester on it and it says battery at 75/100% and alternator ok, and not over charging either. If i drive about without lights the battery perks up and starting is more lively, but can flatten very quickly if lights on without engine running.
I've taken battery out and found electrolite levels below cell (nearest positive terminal) was lower than others and after topping up and charging it did'nt respond to charge like the other cells. not sure how long the levels been low, so not sure if its been over heated or just poorly maintained. I'm convinced the batteries had it but am reluctant to renew yet if there is another fault. sometimes when driving i can hear a quiet buzzing from engine bay but cant locate,Don't think its alternator, when i turn lights on it dissapears.
Also when i start up from cold theres a relay box next to battery that ticks about ten times then stops. If engine is warm then it might tick but maybee only 1 or 2 times. my mates fortrack does the same. Is that normal. if any one can help it would be greatly apreciated.


A battery will last 3 to 5 years. A fequently used battery lasts longer since the plates will remain 'clean'.

Fully charge the battery .. 24hr charge.

1. Turn the headlights full on.
2. Turn the ignition switch 'on'.
3. Watch the headlights.

If the headlights visibly dim, then the battery needs replacing. Buy a heavy-duty battery.

Also check the alternator belt is tight.

That cell is broken (spelled with an F)

This is typical behaviour of a battery with a duff cell which will no longer accept any charge.

If you test the electrolyte with a hydrometer, you will find its specific gravity about 1.1 (pretty well discharged) compared with the others at about 1.3 for a fully charged cell.

It's B**** annoying to have to replace the whole battery because one cell is knackered, but there's no choice, I'm afraid.

BTW, you don't need to buy the hugely expensive Jap battery originally fitted to the vehicle. Type 644 or 643 batteries in the UK are 98 Amp-hours, a standard type fitted to small trucks, and will fit in the battery space with about an inch spare either end. The difference between 644 and 643 is that the terminals are swapped in polarity. I forget which one is right for 4traks, but, even if you get the wrong one, all that is necessary is to extend the cable from the negative terminal to the body next to the battery (which I have had to do on two of my 'traks, cos I chose the wrong battery number ! )