sporty at last chance sallon


more problems

i must have the most unluckist sportrak in the world
i bought it a few months ago put a new exhaust on and raised it 2 inches on my first off road pay and play day i flattened the rear leafs and broke a shock so i spent £200 on it and repaired it myself,next timee i used it the waterpump went so i fitted a new pump and cambelt the next time it was used the steering box leaked so i replaced that then the alternator went i replaced that with a second hand one which lasted around 5 mins so i had the organal reconed again all was fine then the clutch went so i had that done now finaly the car has started makeing a really weird sound like a belt rubbing and it has lost a lot of power,ive run it without the belts on to elemanate them but the noice sounds like its coming from the engine but its not a knocking or metal sound can some one help before i just give up ive spent nearlly £1000 in 4 months on it and its still not drivable