Fourtrak 2.8TD Loss of power and idle-ing really low.


Hi Everyone
Bought my fourtrak 2.8td yesterday and dfrove it hom 250 mile, all okay drove fine, sat at 70-75 fien and accelrated up hills great.

But on my 35mile journey home 2nite on the motorway i soon realised it had a lack of power and would go above 50mph, and when i slowed it was very reluctant to gain speed again. I pulled onto the hard shoulder and limped into the nearest services. As i pulled in i dipped the clutch and it cut out, Turned it over again and it started.

Driving over to the car park it seemed to be okay again. I checked the oil level was okay and there was no smoke from the exhaust, and it seemd to rev okay.

Unsure of what was wrong i carried on, but it soon happened again, I finaly reached my exit off the motorway. And fort the next 10mile it seemed to be intermittant. Soem of the tiem it was okay and woudl accelerate but most of ther time it had lack of power and was slow. and when it stopped at junctions it was onyl idlign at like 4/500rpm eather than liek 1000rpm which it was before.

I originaly thought oh no! could it be the turbo? or has it sucked water in? (as it wa snowing hard) But as the oil level is ojay and thre is no black smoke i dont fink so.

Im thinking may it be the injectors??? I feel it is definatly fuel related because of how it is intermitant.... I read the posts on here of how theyv ucked up crap from the tank (obvious stuff rele) i will check the filter etc 2morrow. But any oen have any ideas?

Any help greatly appreciated...

Fuel filter


Suggest changing the fuel filter, buy two and keep a spare along with the tools to bleed the filter and injector line, as the may be a lot of crap in the tank, check fuel lines for a pin hole leak, allowing air into the system and the pump having to bleed it off. Idle speed should be around 8/900 RPM when warm

Not sure if this is a good idea, ???? maybe a mesh filter at the tank end, but you could disconnect the fuel line at on the inlet side of the filter and and try putting a burst of commpressed air back through the line to the tank, may clear a blockage ???? Not too high a pressure though.

As for injectors, mine have been in from new ('91 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX), never been out !!!, and no problems.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX