Any common sporty M.O.T issues?


Im going to need to M.O.T the sporty soon (provided i can get an electrical problem fixed!) and want to know if there are any common faults it is likely to fail on. Its a k plate and has been standing for about a year, so im gonna do the breaks and give it a minor service before it goes in. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers.

Just a few.

Front wheel bearings might need tightening.
Gas emissions.
Tyre damage.
Brake pipe corrosion .... pipes under rear floor and where it passes across rear axle.
Floor corrosion of rear shelf .... just inside rear door under the carpet.
Corrosion of subframe to floor where subframe meets body.
Rear screen wiper.
Brakes .... check each wheel is braking.
Brakes ... change fluid and bleed system. Road test for even braking.
J reg [Sept] onwards must be fitted with a catylist.

Otherwise check the remainder as for MOT tests.