Still no electrics after changing battery



Nah, not those things....

I have been told that there could be a fuseable link that looks like a wire with extra insulation on it somewhere on the loom, which may have burnt out. I dont have any power going through the main loom and am trying to sort it out. See my other post (no electrics after fitting bat) if you think you can help. cheers

On the + terminal

Fusable link sits in the positive supply and close to the battery. Follow the cable and look under the red cover. Three fuses, each can be replaced. Remove and use a meter to check conductivity even if the look OK.
Other fuses are in the two fuse boxes below the steering wheel.

Everything checked

Everything checked and working. I just took a power suply from the battery to the 'main' relay, and it seems to be working. Got power now but my brand new battery, which has been standing in the shed for a year is now quite flat, so shall have to find a charger and let you know. I read a post on here from about 3 years ago, where someone called out the rac for a similar problem. The rac man took a feed from the sidelights to somewhere in the engine fusebox and this worked, provided the sidelights were on. Any idea what might have caused this problem?, as it sounds very similar to mine.


1. Try cleaning the battery terminal and cable joints. Trace the cable.
2. Try a temporary earth from battery to chasis. Then switch on lights .. do they light-up? The battery/earth connection might be corroded.

Different circuit

I have tried all of the above. The dip/main beam lights and hazards have always worked, but i think their on a different circuit to the main loom. After i ran a positive feed to the main relay straight from the battery, everything seemed to come to life, but like i said in a previous post, my battery is now too flat to try to turn the engine over. will let you know what happens tomorrow after a charge. Fingers crossed!


It sounds like the cable connector at the end of the +TERMINAL is not conducting to the loom. Maybe sufficient for lights but not enough amps for the starter motor.
Remove the +lead to battery. Push a 'metal pin' into the cable a few inches away from the connector. The use a meter to check conductivty from the connector to the 'metal pin'. No circuit=renew the connector to the +cable.

SHE'S ALIVE!!! Sort of.......

Checked the main power feed cable coming from the battery and the voltage/current is the same as across the battery. I took a feed from the positive bat terminal to the main relay and everything came back to life and it started first time! (amazing considering its been idle for nearly 2 years!) When you turn the ignition off the engine keeps running because of the extra connection but when you disconect, it stops. The problem is, I still cant figure out why that relay isnt getting its power feed?! It must be something annoyingly simple that i have missed! Still, Some progres is better than no progress.

Think logical !

'I took a feed from the positive bat terminal to the main relay and everything came back to life'

I am suprised that fails to give you a clue. If a replacement feed provided current then the break must be between the bat positive and the relay.

Wish it was that simple!

Its more like the relay isnt getting its power to switch. Power is getting to it from the possitive terminal but it wont switch unless i give it power from the pos terminal to the apropriate terminal on the realy. Where does the power come from to power up that 'main' relay?. I checked the possitive feed like mace said and it was fine. Have checked all the wires that run from fuse to relay and relay to relay in the box in the engine bay and they too are fine. (when i say check, i mean with a multimeter)