Are my brakes faulty?


Hello everyone,

I'm new here and an utter car ignoramous to boot, but I'll explain the problem as best I can.

It first happened when the snow got bad - I was coming down a hill, tried to slow down but just slid. I was pressing the brakes hard but was just getting a loud grinding sound and a scraping/juddering which I could feel through the pedal. I tried pumping the breaks, which helped to slow me down, but if I held the brake pedal down, the grinding returned and I kept moving. I eventually steered into the earth bank at the side of the road to stop.

This morning, I had to beak hard because a moron in a lorry seemed to think he needed the entire road. However, the same thing happened as before - the juddering/grinding, and me still moving.

If I brake gently, everything seems fine, but if I brake hard, I slow down a little, then the gringing/juddering kicks in and I just seems to roll. It feels like the wheels turning but the brakes just aren't catching - that's what it feels like, but not being able to see, I could be wrong. It cerainly doesn't sound like I'm skidding, which is why I presume the wheels are still going around.

Sorry for the simplistic explanation, but I do hope someone can tell me if I have a problem or not! Oh, and it's a 3 yr old Sirion that had a service in October, if that helps.

Thank you!

Get it checked.

Could be one of many problems. I suggest you get someone to check the brakes. To do this all the wheels must be removed and the pads/shoes examined for wear, damage or leaking fluid. The symptoms sounds life threatening .... I would not drive your car in its present state!

Mate, that'll just be your

Mate, that'll just be your ABS. The grinding noise is the noise it makes when ABS kicks in. 99.9% of the time when you break ABS is not working. And sometimes, especially in very icey conditions, the stopping distance may be longer then that of a car with no ABS. This is because the ABS system is stopping them locking, and therefore the wheels keep turning.

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Thank you everyone! I have

Thank you everyone! I have been assured that it is indeed the ABS working as it should.

And now I feel very silly.

Still, what's a relief! I couldn't bear to think of poor Muffin having her wheels pulled off. Thank you again for your responses!


ABS brakes kicking in on dry tarmac

I have the same problem on my 98 terios and suspect my ABS breaking system is faulty - they kick in on even dry tarmac and can cause my breaking distance to increase significantly. Not sure what to do about it - is it likely to be the sensors or the control unit?

The YRV Turbo can do this as

The YRV Turbo can do this as well. But they have EBD as well as ABS and can make the sound as you describe.

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