new to the forum


hey all

im new to the forum and im saving to buy a fourtrak so any help or advise you guys can give me would be great.





Welcome to the site. Lots of info here, and helpful folks.

Make use of the search box, on the left of the page, this will bring up all old posts on the subject, (example,- 'buying a fourtrak' )and please state what truck you have when posting , for example mine is a '91 Fourtrak 2,8 TDX, this helps folk to help you ,diesel or petrol, most are diesel, and please do'nt use text speak. There are some posts on what to look out for when buying a Fourtrak

Folks are really helpful, even if you are not to sure how to explain the problem.

Edward (ews)

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Hiya Alasdair As ews says it

Hiya Alasdair

As ews says it might be worth looking through old forum posts if you haven't done so to see about any specific problems with certain Fourtrak models, however generally they are very solid reliable vehicles, especially considering that some of the regulars on here have ones which are 20+ years old now.

Though I personally would say you're best if possible trying to go for a F78 TDX model, though any of the Diesel models would be fine. Only problem with petrol models is that you potentially could have problem sourcing some spare parts, as not too many petrol Fourtraks around.
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