New Fourtrak-Cambelt advice?


Hi, I just bought a '90 Mk1 FourTrak F70 Diesel 2.8, for £500.

I knew the previous owner, and the vehicle has been stood for 18 months, so needed looking at. I got it up on the pit, exhaust bracket broken off and cracked, and rubber split. Replaced the rubber and welded up the bracket, no problem. I had trouble getting into 2nd gear sometimes, so I checked the main shaft nut, no problem there. So I dropped the box out and discovered the selectors were worn away 2mm! I couldn't get hold of replacements anywhere, so I built them up with weld(bodge I know :P), I've yet to put the box back in, but judging from the feel on the floor it feels good. Greased the props and topped up the transmission oil, drained the engine oil and waiting for the oil filter.

I didn't know when the cambelt was last changed, theres 90k on the clock so I thought I would change it to be safe. I much say that its very easy to get to the cambelt. I'm waiting on the fan, power steering and cambelt. If anyone has any tips on doing the cambelt, I would greatly appreciate them!

I had the wheels off today and cleaned out the rear drums. The shoes are nearly down to the metal! Those on order too. The front disks and pads are nearly new. I shotblasted 2 of the wheels today, ready for painting.

Unfortunately it won't start when cold, so I pulled the heater plugs out and tested them, all ok. I think I have narrowed the problem to the heater plug relay bolted to the bodywork by the battery, I feel its going to be a challenge finding another, so I might have to find another solution(any ideas?).

And last, but not least, it doesn't have a radio! To make it worse, all the wires seem to be missing apart from the "memory" and power antenna. So I took the power from the ciggy lighter and fitted 2 new speakers. However, it still doesn't work, I am going to borrow another radio to see if thats the problem.

So well, this turned out a long post. It was just to let you guys know what I've done/doing and that if you need anything help on something I've done you can ask, and hopefully you guys can give me some advice!


Welcome to the forum! Sounds

Welcome to the forum!
Sounds like the Fourtrak is keeping you busy already. 19 years old - not bad eh? What sort of condition is the bodywork in. They're definitely built to last.
I'm about to do my cambelt as well. Where are you getting the belt from? I want to try to make sure I get a decent quality one because it's obviously such an important belt.
Are you changing the idler and tensioner pulleys? I've always done that before on other cars, but some people have suggested that you don't need to bother on a Fourtrak. I don't know. I rang Milners and they don't sell the pulleys - just the belts.
Oh well. Let us know how you get on.
Good luck Smile

The bodywork is in perfect

The bodywork is in perfect condition! I was surprised and I looked at in with a fine tooth comb on the ramp. I couldn't find any rust at all! The paint is faded(red), but I'm not too worried about that. The chassis doesn't have any deep/pitted rust either! The only rusty parts are the exhaust(naturally) and wheels, and I've only one left to shotblast.

I got my belts from a local parts shop that we use for van parts we get it(I'm a mechanic at a HGV workshop). Its actually a Daihatsu belt surprisingly, I've no idea where he gets them from. I'm got going to change the pulleys, its 90k and I am pretty sure they were changed at the 60k service, because they look pretty much brand new. I did enquire into them, but couldn't get them from anyone local, I have a feeling they would be rather expensive too. I picked up all my parts on the way home tonight.

The more I work on the thing, the more I love it. Its so easy to work on, a joy! I am doing all the work at work, so having a almost(:P) fully equipped workshop makes it easier no doubt. I'm not sure how much I will get done this week, we are reasonably busy(at last). Good luck with your belt. Smile

P.S, does anyone know the colour of the wheels, from the paint left on mine, its a creamy colour. Thanks!

Shoes & belts

I fitted the shoes and cam/fan/steering belts today. The cam was very easy to do, the points are easy to up. A punch mark on the gears and a casting lump on the backplate. Heres where they were on my Mk1: Injector pump - 1 O'clock, Crank - 8 O'clock, Camshaft - 11 O'clock. The bloody shoes are a pain to fit, so many springs! I got the front back together apart from the rad, going to fit that after the gearbox is back in. I'm hoping to get that back in tomorrow. And the major success, I now have a working radio! It turns out both radios I had were busted!