rich fuel smelling exhaust feroza se


My 96 injected feroza (Sportrak for UK) has started smelling very fuel rich and fuel consumption seems to has risen. I used to get around 400K per tank but have dropped to 320 ish. Any suggerstiosn to look at in a sensible order. The car als has the characteristic exhaust whistle which might be worsening in tandem. What should i look at first?
My car lives with me in Hong Kong, sometimes hard here to get good advice on older vehicles


Normally I would say an over rich mixture but this is adjusted by the ECU constantly.

I would suggest you take a look at the plugs which may be firing less than parr, either the gaps are incorrect or they may be knackered and not igniting the fule/Air mix at a high enough temperature. Check the deposits on them, they should all be a brownish tan colour and dry. If they or one is black then it may be one plug running cold or not firing properly. If the deposits are black and oily then you may be buring oil but I doubt that you would have missed the tale tale signs of blue smoke and oil loss.

The emissions will be out and you may be a bit under power . If in doubt then change them. Check also the leads and replace them if they haven't been done recently. This hopefully will increase the intensity of the spark in the chamber and burn the mix more efficiently.

If this does not cure the prblem then you will need a diagnostic check as one of the fuel/air sencors may be malfunctioning allowing an over rich mixture to be ignored by the ECU

M J Young