Foutrak rear door hinges


'91 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Hi all.

Would like to remove the rear door hinge pins, slight play but have trouble lubricating them, thinking of drilling and tapping so as to fit a threaded grease nipple to the door section of the hinge, this was a suggestion I came across by another poster via the site search box. Any one have any thoughts on removing those hinge pins ???, Will they tap or press out, lots of WD 40 apllied. Or should I just chase some replacments, will check Milners for replacments.

Just had some thoughts on this, aquire a 2nd hand set, remove pins, get a machine shop to ream out the bores, drill out and tap in a grease nipple to the center section. have them machine new pivot pins, but what type of steel for the pin, !!!!!, just a thought, costs !!!!, take it new ones are like hens teeth. Give me your thoughts on this idea !!!

Edward (ews)


Remove the hinge pins, ensure the door is securely held and drill them out intil they are round again. Use a roll or "C" pin. These just tap into the hole with a hammer, being a C section they can be easily lubricated, and come in a range of metric and imperial sizes.

These can be done off the vehicle, this is easier but requires them to be clamped to a substantial plate, then proceed with the drilling and roll pin insertion as above.