99 f78 2.8TD Rocky SE


Hello all, I live in Panama and have come across a 1999 Rocky SE 2.8TurboDiesel with 55,000kms. The owner tells me the vehicle was first used on 2004. The vehicle seems to be in very good condition, the engine seems fine, no visible leaks and underneath there is a leak in the transfer/front diff that the owner thinks is just the screw being poorly tightened. Also when driving and pressing the clutch some motion is felt in the engine bay dont know if could be loose motor or tranny mounts. The temp needle when driving it was almost in the middle (a bit to the left side), is this the normal operating temp?

The 4x4 appears to be working properly as i got 4H and 4L in although one of the hubs is a bit hard to move, however dont know how to truly test it on asphalt. In any case I would truly appreciate hearing your opinions and tips on what to look for. And experiences of owners. Also an approximate value on what this car would be worth in your markets (even thou im in central america, just for reference).

Oh by the way here is a link to the vehicle


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Welcome to the site. Lots of helpful folks here.

DO NOT test or use your 4 wheel drive system on asphalt/hard surfaces, you will wreck the drive line. The transmission windup will self destruct the transmission. Wheel slip is required to release the stresses that can build up in the system, as the truck is built as a part time 4x4, no center/gearbox diff. Put your truck up on axle stands and engage /disengage 4WD .

Seems like you have manual front hubs, possibly AVM manufacture (Brazil). Suggest you take them apart and clean and fill them with grease ( thought this model came with Auto engaging front hubs). Lots of posts here on front hubs, use the 'Site Search' box on the left of the page, eg 'Front Hubs' and browse through them.

Left of center for the temp gauge seems okay, though you are in a warmer climate than the UK

When you post for advice,remember to put your truck details,(F78 2.8 SE Rocky) it helps folk to help you.

By the way, nice looking truck.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Hi ews, thanks for your

Hi ews, thanks for your reply it has been very useful...! Im afraid when i test drove the car i did drive it in 4Lo for maybe 100 meters in asphalt...do you think that damaged the driveline/transmission?

Yes the car has manual front hubs and manual windows as well...it could also be that it is not the year the owner claims? any way of checking this....i did see the model no. and it started with f78 and also d52 something....now that i think about it im not sure i saw an intercooler, does it go in the front with the radiator?

any comment on the "motion" i felt in the engine bay when pressing the clutch?

thanks again