kiwi yrv turbs 4




it has an Apexi air filter

it has an Apexi air filter and HKS Sequential Blow Off Valve. sounds pretty cool with the induction noise.

Where did you you buy the Apexi from?

Where did you buy the Apexi from? And that engine bay looks too clean for my liking Wink was the Turbo lettering painted red by you? Over here in the U.K it's the same colour as the plastic.

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Past: '53' Plate Yellow YRV Turbo Approx. 150BHP

thanks for your comments,

thanks for your comments, this set of pics was taken str8 after a good wash all round, i assure you she gets driven a lot harder than the engine bay would suggest.:) as for the apexi induction and lettering, they are just as i brought the car, including the hks valve. another thing that is different to your UK models is mine doesnt have the shift light in the dash that yours seem to have, (im gutted!) and the cool 220km speedo. all i have done since purchasing, apart from changing to chrome 16s from the 15s it came with, is a pager alarm, 10" sub and amp, and added a pillar mounted boost gauge which usually lives between 6 and 9 psi.

sweet mods

tha induction kit looks sweet, and i like a clean engine bay, the red sets it off,

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